Craftsmanship and the Knowledge Society: Interdisciplinary and cross-over views on the importance of hands-on skills

Workshop | November 18 | CET: 17:00 – 21:30 |  Zoom

This webinar-based workshop will explore the increasing global attention to craftsmanship, and the tensions between "intangible heritage" and so-called modernity. 

The approach will be both interdisciplinary and include academicians, practitioners and intermediaries from different contexts. The principal focus is on how crafts and the related skills and knowledge are assessed and valued in different disciplines and different contexts, and how this can be improved.

In practical terms, the webinar is organized in the broader framework of the UC Berkeley Rubens chair and in collaboration with the Flanders House (US), which explains the confrontation between practices and scholarship from Flanders with views from the American continent.

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 Department of History, Delegation of Flanders to the USA, University of AntwerpVLUHR (Vlaamse Universiteiten en Hogescholen raad)

 Maya Sisneros,,  510-642-1092


Beeld:© Alain Meessen