Recording and presentations: CIDOC ICH Working Group

20 juni 2023


Here you can access the recording of the session and view the different presentations.


During the session, insights and experiences that have been developed throughout several years of collaboration in Flanders and in international, mostly European, trajectories on ICH and museums (o.a. the EU-funded ‘ICH and Museums Project’) were shared.

The session was introduced by Sergio Servellón (ICOM Belgium Flanders and co-chair CIDOC ICH Working Group). 

Evdokia Tsakiridis & Bert Lemmens (Workshop Intangible Heritage Flanders) presented the state of affairs in Flanders on converting ICH into data. One of the milestones has been the development of an application profile for recording ICH in collection management systems (the report is currently in the process of translation into English). 

Eva Dierckx (Huis van Alijn) and Annelies Valgaeren (Heritage collection City of Antwerp) elaborated on the experimental application of the theoretical model on ICH that is included in the report in respectively their museum, and heritage organisations (museums, archives, heritage cells, ...).




The session concluded with providing the participants with a roadmap: a view of the trajectory that is envisaged towards developing an international standard for recording living heritage in museums’ collection management systems. The ongoing work of the CIDOC ICH Working Group is set up as an open invitation to the global community to add and improve upon the model that is presented.  

During the CIDOC 2023 Conference in Mexico a follow up session of the ICH Working Group will be organised on September 24, 2023

Stay tuned!


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